Right from Our Mailbox!

We love getting messages through this site on all kinds of topics. Some of our favorite fan mail is reprinted below (last names have been withheld). Pop us a message, we might include it here!

102484I try to support companies that keep their business practices in the United States and would like to know if you sell box sets for Holidays? I currently purchase your cards for birthdays. They crack me up! I just recently purchased the cat wearing the Special Police hat for my friend's 40th birthday. I think she will love it, It's great that you can check off all the boxes on the Traffic Warning. - Sibyl H.

We DO sell box sets for Holidays. There are 12 different options. Check them out on amazon.com


101912I'm trying to find your card that has a picture of kids on a school bus making silly faces out the windows. Is this something I can order from you directly? My brother thinks he was one of the kids in the photo. - Leslie P.

That's a classic, Leslie! Youth is fleeting. Immaturity, however, can last forever! It is an original concept that we published in 2001.  You can buy it here


Dear Avanti! First of all I would like to let you know that I've never seen such funny, creative and meaningful greeting cards. They are just awesome!!! I've been to the States a couple of times and always bought a whole stack of these cards and brought 'em back to Germany. For every occasion I always had a matching card with a funny slogan and an even funnier picture. My question for you is now, are there any stores in Germany which are carrying your greeting cards? Or is there a comparable company in Germany that sells similar cards? Or is it possible to order all of your birthday cards, pay them via credit card and ship them to my home country Germany? I am looking forward getting your reply. - Isabel S.

Our cards are translated into German and sold in a variety of shops around Germany, Austria and even Switzerland! Here's a link to our distributor's site!


08000Looking for card #102335 BD Three dogs sitting around a little bomb fire on beach roasting marshmallows on sticks-- Inside reads: Happy Birthday and many "s'mores. Is it still in print? Thank you so much for your help. P.S. Love your cards. I have just about everyone of them that features a golden retriever. - Lisa D

You bet, this is still in print. You can buy it here


I am a realtor in York, PA and I am looking for more cards that say congratulations on your new home. I love the card with the box and flowers on the front. I need more and was hoping I could purchase them on line. Please help! Thanks so much! All the best - Kathleen D.

Hey Kathleen, keeping in touch with your clients using a high quality greeting card is an excellent idea. Here are a few cards that realtors like to send to congratulate clients on their new home!

Girl riding bike with doll house 

Moving Box Dinner 

New Home Bucket (A*Press) 

Home Sweet Hoome (A*Press) 


102627I am in LOVE with the card No. 102627 (Happy Birthday Thexy card) because I have a Vizsla and can NEVER find cards with a dog like mine on it...is there ANYWAY to order like 10 of them directly from you or find someone who has that many of them so I can buy them? I'm desperate for it and figured this was my last try as I love your cards and especially this one. Please email me back with any advice or answer you might have. THANK YOU!! - Sabrina S

Hey Sabrina, some of us didn't realize it was a Vizsla until we got your note! you can buy this card online! Click Here



Our son and daughter in law sent us an anniversary card a few years ago. Unfortunately, she chewed the corners up. Would I be able to purchase this particular card? The UPC # is 286865. The reason I would like to purchase it is because the man on the front of the card looks like my husband! - Joyce P
Hey Joyce, we're not sure which card you are talking about! Is it this one? Buy it online


....you've got the BEST cards!! I love them! They make me laugh over and over!! – Linda W.

Thanks Linda, they make us laugh too!