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Spread Holiday Cheer!
Tips to help you maximize your Christmas Cards | Social Media FREE content


  • Move that Christmas display near the register by November 25 for the whole season
  • Make sure pockets that ship in 12 are on the top row of the display – and make sure you open the second pack.
  • We ship some cards in 12s because they are our best of the best – provide deeper inventory in one pocket or display them in two different pockets.
  • StandOuts™ should go on the top row of your display
  • You can display Thanksgiving and Halloween on one display – but don’t make Thanksgiving play second fiddle at the bottom, keep them together in one column!
  • Got low pockets? Order up until December 12th as long as someone can get the product out. All reordered designs ship in 6s – add them to an everyday order.
  • Assign your own in-store elf to make sure cards are put up promptly and the display stays neat with plenty of envelopes!


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